Dress Code Notes:

      • Girls should not wear a black shirt with black pants & shorts- Orange shirts with Black Bottoms only; or black shirt with plaid bottoms. 
      • Polo Dresses, Jumpers, Plaid Tab Skorts, and ruffle socks are K-3rd Grade only. 
      • Shoes must be a solid neutral color. (e.g. black, white, tan, gray)
      • Skirts, skorts & jumpers must be of appropriate length front and back (no more than 2 inches above the top of the kneecap)
      BOYS ALL GRADES  Gray Polo, Black Pants/Shorts, Black or Khaki Jackets, PE Uniform, Oxford Shirt (for chapel)
      GIRLS ALL GRADES Black Polo, Plaid Skirt, Black or Khaki Pants/Shorts, Black Jackets, PE Uniform, Oxford Shirt (for chapel)
      GIRLS & BOYS 7-12 Students who are taking PE as an elective in grades 7 through 12 are required to change into the PE uniform.
      GIRLS K-3 ONLY Jumper with Peter Pan Blouse, Plaid Tab Skort, and ruffle socks